Declaration of War

x gasmask x

We declare the death of vices through straight edge, which is our solid moral. We believe in it as a means to reach the real conception of that which surrounds us while still remaining pure. We do not tolerate any form of vices because these do not permit the individual to utilize his senses and make him regress to a low level of existence making him a slave to substances which are harmful to his mental and physical health, surrounding him with false values that make him live in a permanent illusion, keeping him busy realizing nothing instead of the communion between soul and matter which should be the goal of every existence. A vice is anything which forces you in behavior that has nothing to do with the realization of yourself. When you feel the need to drink a Coke, to have a chewing-gum, to eat junk-food, to have a beer or a joint, it is not you who really wants this but these substances that impose themselves on you, in a neurotic-consumer (sic) cycle that enslaves you to the point where you depend on it psychologically and even physically. These are all things brought forth by a cultural system that wants you acceptant of these rhythms of consumption, so as not to leave you space to think freely, to know, criticize and propose . One doesn’t need this shit to live! Drugs confuse your perceptions so as to make you more vulnerable while prey to artificial paradises that make you as active as an idiot, a servant to substances that make you feel happy even when they are smash you. Liberation of conscience? It’s its annihilation. Those who drink, smoke, dedicate themselves to vices, poison themselves and harm us with their stench, showing pride for the noose that tightens around their neck. This is why we are forced to wear gasmasks. They are sick and doctors shouldn’t feel any compassion for them while healing them. Force can be used to change the ideas of these sinners.

With the holy message of straight edge we also preach the perspective of a new social order which buries that of multinationals and of profit as the one reason for living. We are not for communism as that dictated by the parties that identify themselves in it. Marx was a guide for us all but his intuitions must be updated to our present world. Let us learn from those who have touched social themes before us, but let us also use the criteria of knowledge-criticism-proposal in this case as well. Ours is a post-Fordist era with a crucial importance focused on the management of information, Let us not limit ourselves to re-proposing economic theories that do not consider the real dynamism of the market. Let us not continue dreaming of conquering Winter palaces, red guards, French Mays and barbudos. Because there will never be a revolution. The system is a complex machine that absorbs everything, even mass revolts which are only its phases of transition on the road to a new balance, a settlement of society itself. It has happened, instead, that the direction of the system doesn’t occur through the masses but because of secret powers. Therefore, why not use theses secret powers to push society in the right direction? This way instead of being puppets we would be puppeteers. Equality isn’t even the goal to reach. To each according to his merits. We have to settle that each person should have what one deserves and should be put in a position to deserve what his mental capabilities allow him to. The mass is ignorant and cannot be taught adequately because it is a mass. The mass must allow its voice to rise through a concentric circle-type collectivism. The common good will be the standard used to decide, single realties must be protected. Let us therefore infiltrate into the power systems pretending to play by the rules. Remember: mimetism is our weapon.

This is why we hide our identity. The exhibitionists are reached by the counterpunches of the reactionary forces. Ours is total iconoclasm, as happens with this record that will piss of many who did not expect such an attack on their peaceful moral of passive music consumers. The voracity of collecting will therefore be made vain by our work. Style is unnecessary when it is used as only an empty manner. This is an attack launched with an instrument that you all dispose of: your stereo. To re-discover past values which can also be the future, Never lower your guard, do not turn music into boredom for wimps, have the courage to have balls. Otherwise, to listen to something new we will have to play the old records at 45 r.p.m. instead of 33.

X Gasmask X 1994