Month: March 2015

Electric Guitar Building Workshop

class photo

Last weekend I took a 3-day electric guitar building workshop at the Nazareth Guitar Institute. I learned a lot about fretwork and setting up a guitar, stuff I didn’t know before. Also, I need to get a lot of very specialized tools if I want to work on my own guitars. I guess Stew-Mac should expect an order soon.

The guitar sounds great, I wasn’t expecting such a quality build. The neck seems to be settled in mostly. I’ll give it a final set-up soon. I want to finish it a nice butterscotch blonde, with an amber neck – just like a classic vintage Tele.

Here are some more pictures:

Sovtek Mig100


Remember how I played a Sovtek Mig100 in Berlin over the summer? I’ve been on the hunt for one at a good price ever since. I finally tracked one down.

Though I haven’t had a chance to really crank it, it’s extremely loud, clean, and warm sounding. Not brittle at all. It’s missing the back grate that protects the tubes, but I think I can make one fairly easily. The plastic jacks and switches are still there, so maybe soon I’ll get Matt Weed to replace them with metal ones. Or maybe I’ll wait until something breaks…

Now I have to decide which amp to sell – my Laney GH100L or two-channel Dual Rectifier.