Author: automattack

Terroreign demo

My new band just released our first demo. We’re hoping to play some shows soon, now that things are opening up again.

It’s a mix of crust, grind, punk, and noise rock. Influenced include old Napalm Death, early Disfear, early From Ashes Rise, etc…

Warehouse at Hot Tamales

Someone from my Tate Street days recently posted some videos of my old band Warehouse playing the last show of Hot Tamales. Hot Tamales was a Mexican restaurant in Greensboro, NC that had shows in the mid-late 1980s. I played with, and saw a lot of amazing bands there; bands like Token Entry, the Vandals, Flat Duo Jets, and even Gwar! Oh yeah… apparently I was pretty good drummer back in the day.

Samsara still resonates today


Some kind words about Catharsis from Brooklyn Vegan:

“North Carolina’s Catharsis released just two albums before breaking up in 2002 (they later reunited, but not for new music), 1997’s Samsara and 1999’s Passion. Both are great, genre-defying works with powerful lyricism that blends the personal and the political (Passion even dabbles in reggae), and either one could have made this list. I went with their debut, on which they knocked it out of the park on first try.” (sic)

Read the whole article, and listen to a ton of great 90s hardcore!