New switches for the MIG-100

Apparently my MIG-100 was all original. The plastic standby switch finally broke a few weeks ago, and I took it to Matt Weed of Atomium Amplification to replace both (the power switch was three-way for some reason). Here is what Matt has to say about them in his post.

Sovtek Mig-100, all original except for the new power/standby toggle switches I installed (the plastic originals are awful and break all the time). Not exactly a Marshall 2203 but very close. The distinctive sound of these amps mostly comes from the circuit tweaks Sovtek made to get more reliable operation from Russian military tetrodes – 2.2k screen resistors, for example, to limit screen dissipation. The B+ is 520V!

I love this amp, it’s loud, sounds great, and takes pedals well. Easily my favorite amp.

Catharsis, Bloodshed Fest 2018

Looks like I’ll be headed to Eindhoven in September! This should be fun. More info is on Facebook.


Bloodshed Fest edition 19

14 + 15 September 2018
Effenaar / Eindhoven / NL

Enemy Soil Grindcore (US)
Catharsis (US)
Massgrav (SE)
Afgrund Grindcore – Official (SE/FI)
Vermin Womb (US)
+ 31 more bands to be announced

Combi ticket:

Friday ticket:

Saturday ticket: