Celtic Frost backline

Photo by Martin Kyburz
Photo by Martin Kyburz

I ran into this post by Tom G Warrior – and the one thing I took away is the size of Celtic Frost’s backline. This is a picture taken during their very first practice. Already they have logos on everything, and at least two full stacks for guitar and bass! Practices must have been extremely loud.

Also, I envy the tenacity it takes to do something like this. Tom decided the new band was going to be Celtic Frost, and went all in – even before the first practice.

Unsettled – live at the Caboose, 9/19/1995


Unsettled was the first band I played guitar in that played more than a handful of shows. The other guitar player, Chad (closest to the camera) lived in Raleigh, so we often played in or near Raleigh. Chad had the first Dual Rectifier I ever saw – I had never heard or seen anything like it. Chad’s monstrous tone convinced me to get one as well. I was vegan (still am), so I got the rack mounted version, rather than the leather-covered version.