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Whirlwind Tour of the East Bay

Last weekend was the best in a long time. Adrian and I went to Berkley and Oakland, partially for a vacation, partially for a Catharsis show. We were there around 30 hours total.

Saturday we walked around Berkley, visiting some shops on Telegraph, eating burritos, contemplating matching tattoos, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Later, Catharsis played a show in Oakland. Both Adrian and I got to catch up with old friends.

Gear-wise, I played my Les Paul Special through Craigums‘ 5150 head and cabinet. For distortion, I had a modded Boss SD-1, which I got in a package deal trade for my old guitar. Craig was so impressed with sound I dialed in, he told me after the show it was the best his amp had ever sounded! More on the Boss SD-1 in another post.

(Show pictures by Mike Santos)

Sunday, we had a long trip home…

PHL panorama